7pm - Midnight

Nikki was born, the youngest of 27 children, to a family of itinerant knife sharpeners in a hollow in West Virginia. At the age of two, her parents sold her to a traveling carnival for three sacks of aluminum cans. Billed as “The Human Hamster”, Nikki spent her formative years crinkling her nose and making cooing noises to tents full of curious rubes. When she was eight, she was rescued by PETA and kept in a cage with other animals-at-risk before a keen-eyed volunteer noticed that she was different from the rest of the critters. Years of psychotherapy and a crash re-introduction into society have left her still incapable of mingling or blending with her peers. And yet, that also makes her grossly OVER-qualified to be a DJ. Welcome to The Point, Nikki.


NeedToBreathe - The Outsiders


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